In finishing, your film receives the final touches, both artistically and technically. We design the complete look and feel of your project. Whether color correction, color grading, motion design, or technically flawless transmission to public broadcasters (including ARD, ZDF, ARTE, BR, NDR, WDR, MDR,

KIKA), international TV stations (including Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC, SRF, ORF, RAI) and private ones (including Pro7Sat1, RTL, DMAX) as well as streaming portals (including Netflix, Amazon Video, Vimeo, Youtube). Our specialized employees have many years of experience and a high degree of technical expertise.

4K HDR Color Grading

In color grading, we attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers. Together with our experienced colorists, you define the individual look of your film project. We work with Da Vinci Resolve and Baselight for HD, UHD, 4K projects and HDR. For the highest image quality and accuracy, we have a Sony 4K HDR reference monitor available.

4K HDR Finishing / Mastering

We package your film and TV projects and create technically flawless broadcast masters in all common formats and resolutions, on XDCAM, HDCAM, HDCAM SR, on hard disk, or as a file for upload in HD, 4K or HDR. We are familiar with the workflows of all broadcasters as well as Netflix and Amazon Video.

Motion Design and VFX

Whether title design, video installations, explanatory films or 3D animation, our specialists are masters of the entire spectrum of motion design. We advise, develop concepts and storyboards, and realize your ideas.

DCP / Blu-Ray

We create your Digital Cinema Package (DCP), your Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) for the Federal Film Archive, as well as Blu-rays and DVDs.
For archiving your project, we offer backup solutions according to the latest standards, including on LTO tape with a guaranteed minimum shelf life of 50 years.