Your health is our first priority and here we take no risks!

We regularly disinfect our rooms, screens and equipment, keyboards and microphones, and adhere to the required
rules of conduct.

Since many companies now work exclusively from home offices, freelancers have to take care of their children, or prefer to stay at home due to pre-existing conditions, we at B.O.A. Videofilmkunst have created opportunities to use almost all of our services from home.

This allows
stream audio mixes or video edits in real time, similar to a video conference.
and you can join in from anywhere. This service is straightforward and secured against unauthorized access.

With our fast internet line of up to 1 Gigabit upload (!) you can use events, webcasts and video conferences from our
studio live on the Internet
be transmitted live on the Internet. In addition, there is the possibility to
interactively with the audience
with the audience. For example, questions, comments or videos can be integrated into the
integrated into the livestream
can be integrated. Of course, this can also be done on site from your company headquarters.

Our own extensive and
secure file server
also offers versatile possibilities for data exchange, even of larger data volumes. In contrast to many cloud solutions, this is permanently located at our
Munich location
and therefore complies with all European and German data
data security and data protection.

Details of arrangements for voice recording and audio mixing:

Voice recordings and audio mixes can be made with us completely contactless can be done. The speakers enter the booth directly via a separate entrance in the new building, which is connected to the sound control room via a viewing window. The speaker booths are regularly cleaned and disinfected. There is additional disinfectant available. A “spit shield” is stretched in front of the microphones, which is changed and disinfected after each speaker.

The editorial staff generally has the possibility to live online via our own streaming server during the voice recording. This means that the editorial team can also connect from their home office. Of course, the link is protected and runs through our own servers.

Generally, in the recording studio a
sufficient spatial distance
between the mixing engineer and the editor. Our spacious premises easily allow two additional editors to participate directly on site.

In order to be able to take sufficient security precautions, we ask for
Pre-registration of persons from the so-called risk groups.

Details of the arrangements in the editing room:

Our editing suites are generally spacious enough to maintain the minimum distance between editor and editor. Sufficient disinfectants are also available here and the cutting stations are disinfected regularly. It is also possible to edit with us from your home office via our online streaming. While the editor is sitting at our editing suite, the editor can supervise the edit live from home via a protected link that runs through our own servers. The two workstations are additionally connected via a telephone, Skype, FaceTime or conference line.

Thanks to our technical capabilities and security measures, we look forward to continuing to serve you!