B.O.A. Videofilmkunst has been involved with SOS Children’s Villages worldwide since 2011 and oversees the organization’s cinematic work. For the “DOK.fest Prize of SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide”, which was awarded for the first time in 2013, B.O.A. donates the prize money every year.

Congratulations to Diem Ha Le for winning the DOK.fest Award of SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide 2022 for CHILDREN OF THE MIST!
The robbery of girls during the New Year is deeply rooted in North Vietnamese society. With great closeness to the protagonists and plenty of room for nuances, director Diem Ha Le succeeds in making an artistically outstanding film of high social relevance: Even in this remote region of the world, girls and women are fighting for their rights, torn between tradition and self-determination.
The director, herself from Northwest Vietnam, lived with Di’s family for a long time and creates a rare intimacy. What begins playfully quickly turns serious and her distance as a filmmaker begins to waver. Ha Le narratively takes us by the hand with confidence and lets us experience firsthand the struggle against the oppression of women through Di.